Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you also work with top executives from other industries?

Yes, of course. In particular, I have worked with senior managers in industries beyond energy and industrial equipment who face similar challenges with regard to changing business models and uncertainty of strategic outlook. Examples include banking, transport & logistics, business technology, and professional services.

Feel free to contact me, if you feel my work could be helpful to you even thought you're not mainly focusing on energy. 

Do you have specific coaching & counseling offerings for women?

Yes - and no.

Yes, because: I have coached and counseled many women in business, ranging from high-level executives (and those aspiring to become high-level executives) to women founding their own businesses, e.g. in energy & sustainability, professional services, or arts. My repertoire of insights on what makes women's careers different (or not so different) therefore builds not only on my own professional and personal experiences, but also on plenty of other real life  coaching and counselling cases. In that sense, I do have a broad range of ideas and interventions to help women become and be more successful, more effective, and happier in designing and implementing their careers.

No, because: Fundamentally, I do not believe that women are any different from human beings in general. When working with women, I therefore use the same methodological approaches to help them define their goals and work towards them. Read more about these approaches here.

If you are a woman looking for coaching & counseling, please contact me here.

Do you work on your own, or do you have partners & associates?

This depends on the specific situation. In individual coaching, I work on my own (or refer clients to other coaches I feel might be a better fit, e.g. in the case of specific technical coaching needs). In my work with teams, I often partner with colleagues from my networks, such as the "Immunity to Change" facilitators around the world (see mindsatwork) or experts in specific technical areas of energy, sustainability, or machinery.